A simple lightweight library to download images from google.

pip install image-fetcher

This is originally based on https://github.com/hardikvasa/google-images-download by hardikvasa but with a few major changes;

Key features

  • Speed: Through tests outlined in the 'Performance Considerations' section using this library is over 6x faster!
  • Simplification: Code has been simplified to make it more understandable and expandable
  • Reduced download duplication: By using the url from which the image was downloaded to name the file, we can avoid trying to redownload the same file in the future. This was a significant drawback with google_images_download as whenever you wanted to download images again it would redownload ones that already existed making it slower.
  • Multithreading: Implementing multithreading means you can run multiple google image downloads similtaneously massively increasing throughput when downloading a large selection of images
  • Extended browser support: Added Firefox support and further configurations to come
  • Progress bar: Added a tqdm progress bar to track how your download was getting on

Contact me

If you find this library at all helpful or have any suggestions please write to me at;


I'd love to hear any thoughts :D